The ‘liberal’ platform, disguised as an American point of view and party, probably actually a foreign interest point of view, largely driven by off soil, possibly South American/Jihadist influenced interests, but at least non-Christian world view conformity interests, is kicking at the ankles of the American Constitution: foundation loyal Christian populace, American soldier courage and exemplar bravery traditions,  normal heterosexual couplings brilliance, freedom of thought and customary expression of free thought, valourously dedicated freedom and liberty commitments, rights of faith accepted schooling, choice of free market enterprise economy, standards of interpersonal – independence based – manners and civility, right to congregate – support – and freely display candidate and policy of choice, right of average – multi-diverse – legal citizen – voice and vote participation free of harrasment, right for and respect of a force alloted – law-based – consistent and publicly protected American police presence, right to military manpower – might – organization – weaponry and deployment, right of border control, right of standing U.S. controlled – sensible – immigration policy, rights of self-defense, right to bear arms, where American descendant – right to simple – non-violent – equality considerate – full diversity – individual heritage and culture acknowledgment, right to open celebration of – as commonly recognized history – American pathfinding events, right of kinship associated family ties and like kinship based support without accusations of rascism, right to association and friendship choice based on simple commonly held interest or even non-political shared views, rights of individual dignity presence and allotment of safe physical space;

because that is the best way, using American processees’ on American soil, to hamstring our fighting men, disgrace our long-held honor traditions, stall our economy, remove citizen participation rights, slam our Constitutional Law aside, assume power, rewrite cultural standards, confiscate our military capability for use of enforcing an opposing world view; and defeat the American people, American intelligence, the American commitment, and the American ideology on American soil.

Let us disallow, those that would, the opportunity to do so.

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