A Grandpa Lesson for Young People.

The world isn’t fair.

Anytime anyone assumes fair and tries to enclose fair in a box of rigid laws – they have come to be on the far end of unfair, and you can bet this: the fair they’re touting will only be for them.

The only thing we in the world have is our guts, our hearts, our better sense, and our right to exercise those three. If you let someone take that away – you’re lost. Then on out will be nothing but a fight to get it back.

Your forefathers fought to gain and establish freedom from imperialism – a different form of unfairness based on the assumption that all men aren’t created equal – some are better than others, and so: have the right to take what they want by force. Americans lined out “some men are created better” and replaced it with “all men are created equal.” It’s a statement of belief and not a rigid man made law.

But, It means Amercans are under God not man – and no citizen may tamper with it.

It ascertains that mankind has the spirit of God within him – you might as well sit down and realize that that spirit and the will to be free and self-determined are one and the same thing.

Mankind is capable of thinking, doing, and realizing the shape and construct of society and the world according to exercise of free choice and self-willed implementation – that is the definition of self-determination.

Self- determination requires responsibility. It’s not a free gain proposition. If you’re going to tell yourself what to do, you have to be responsible for what you do. It means undertaking the grave responsibility of learning how to choose well. If you’re free you must be responsible; if you’re responsible you’re not entirely free.

Acceptance of responsibility is the trade-off for freedom.

Socialism denies all of the above: this is their promise: you’ll be free of responsibility and have everything you need. Others will choose for you because you forfeit the right to choose for yourself when you concede that you are unqualified to choose for yourself. The trade-off of socialism is loss of freedom and the tooth of the word. Guts, heart, and common sense all begin to die.

Under the shriveling eye of persons who believe they are better qualified to choose your future for you; persons who may have less actual conscientiousness than yourself, the spirit of mankind becomes yoked to lesser attributes. 

Everything in the American constitution was designed to maintain and balance freedom. There is no freedom that isn’t dependent on the will of the people for direction.

Our system creaks, and shifts, moans, moves, and adjusts to the will of the people through time – that is the brilliance of the constitution. If your expectation is absolute fairness all of the time – you’ll be disappointed. It is designed to preserve and maintain, as immovable, only the core, which is the right of freedom itself.

Part of being a self-determined free American people through constitutional law is tolerance, patience, and maturity. What favors you momentarily may favor someone else later. It’s being willing to bump and grind along with the process – debate, holler, argue, protest, speak, shriek and stump for change along with everybody else who may likely all be stumping for something different. It all settles out and we work on it some more; because the process is of greater value than the result and the celebration of the process greater yet than that.

The thrill of being part of something that responds to the will of the people, including your own will, is un-matchable.

Somewhere along the line a younger generation got the idea that the job of the American government was to legislate fairness.

If you teatoke this group you will discover that it is mostly fueled by college educated professionals who have come to believe that their definition of freedom is more important to America than the American people’s definition of freedom.

If you circle their ranks and get a good idea of what they’re touting you begin to realize that what they’re protecting is their interest alone.

What is happening through the Trump administration is a hand-back to the ordinary, everyday, American citizen – the blue collar worker: trash man, waitress, store clerk, taxi driver, factory worker.

The liberalist framework is a rickety arrangement of negligently constructed policies and bad joints, on wobbly stilts; groupings of political entitlement contructs held together by threats of party suicide and cries of victimization. It has been wobbling in the wind for the past two decades, and is about to come down.

Decades of privilege and preference,  assumptions of superiority, and creation of streamlined policy only beneficial to themselves are about to draw to a close. We’ve had enough.

They have tached and called out to every segment of the population they think might have any cause of disillusionment in order to fill in their ranks; and would rather be communist than give up on their cherry spots. Those people will be of little use to them if they prevail.

They’re working on selling all American freedom down the road.

It’s a gigantic spoiled tantrum in interest of maintaining exactly what most young people are against: privilege, entitlement, and rotating power that never moves outside the ranks of the preferred.

Beyond that, this party platform, now unrecognizable to most lifelong democrats as the American democratic party, probably wan’t even fomated on American soil; it has all the earmarks of a South American model in association with Jihadist ambitions.

That’s the Republican point of view;

we’re going to crack that understructure and bring economy and justice back down where it belongs: to eye level with the average American citizen.

You’re going to choose between two things:

loss of freedom for an almost certainly unsustainable ‘higher quality of life’ for everyone;

or maintenance of freedom by busting the chops of the liberals back down to where they belong.

Where at which time,  we can begin to build a healthy, all inclusive, American economy again – as we had in the past before the liberals got their teeth and saliva into everything.

We old-timers know exactly what that was like because we were there. There is hardly any description available to relay how much better it was.

The brilliance of the liberal strategy is in convincing you that you deserve everything they have –

nobody deserves everything they have.

That’s the problem.

Vote Trump 🇺🇸

Your Grandpa


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