Recently I ran a  Google search, for instance, for the simple word republican – likewise, democrat.

The result for republican were scroll after scroll after scroll of ant-Trump rhetoric, remark, viewpoint, and supposition – not one pro-Trump or even neutral mention in what must have been over 200 returns.

The word democrat returned exactly the same thing with a single exception: one story: “democrat explains why he’s voting republican” – which is sort of ironic.

As election results now prove Trump at close to 50% pro (even with media bias and democratic vote count shenanigans) – it follows to reason that one of every two search return would have been pro-Trump; leaving media slant at a massive 200% for a ‘republican’ search, and 199% for a ‘democrat’ search.

If combined, as both pertain to elections, a 399 % bias in returns.

To put that in simpler terms – think of a jellybean container holding exactly 400 jelly beans – republican red, democrat blue. Realistic reflection would have the container intermixed at about half red and half blue.

The apparent reality of Google media biased returns has staggered it to only one red jelly bean amongst 399 in a jar containing 400.

Now contemplate effect. Using the example of a household product: lemon vs orange cleaner. As pertaining to reviews, if 399 reviewers touted lemon over orange, and only one reviewer touted orange over lemon – which would you most consider buying? Now the reputation of a job applicant under hiring consideration: if 399 references stated the character as poor, and only one considered it good, how would that, most likely, effect your hiring decision?

Now wouldn’t a legitimate search result be like a jar of jelly beans and contain types of every flavor?

This is the connivery of the Left folks, upon the free thinking mind of the American public, in a free election on historically free American soil, and this doesn’t include manual or digital voter fraud, which many people, including myself, consider likely.

Apparently; It’s really happening.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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