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Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV)

Changing Votes Midstream

A signet or Intelligence Signals program called ‘Hammer’ (via ‘Scorecard’) now, evidently, has the ability to change votes midstream.

According to Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, Airforce, Rt; a signet or Signals Intelligence Program initially developed by the NSA, was picked up by the CIA during the Obama Administration.

During same administration Obama introduced into Hammer an application called Scorecard: a software program initially developed by Dennis Montgomery: originally for use overseas, and having the ability to change votes midstream.

According to Lieutenant General McInerney, ‘Scorecard: changes votes at a certain point in the voting stream.’ McInerney claims that Obama used this program in Florida, 2012, and that both Obama and Biden are very familiar with it. Additionally, he claims that an attempt was made to use the application in the 2016 primary election but it malfunctioned on the eve of the election.

McInerney, who describes Montgomery as “a genius who loves his country,’ stated that if Montgomery was trying to send a message to the American people, it would be this, “we are on the verge of being compromised through cyber-warfare, they moved this highly secure program from the CIA to be used for political treachery.”

McInerney also states that “all these things, from the electoral college to the Supreme Court are bundled to change America from a democrat republic to a totalitarian regime,” he goes on to say,”that’s why there can be no agreement between the democratic party and the republican party; one choice is freedom and the other choice is communism, it’s that simple.” He further states it as “an attempt to convert the free country of America into a communist country through, first, socialism.”

Lieutenant General McInerney served 35 years in the Air Force, was the number three man at Air Force headquarters, did four tours in Viet Nam, commanded the raid on Tripoli in 1986 from his headquarters in England, was Vice Commander in Chief of the United States Air Force in Europe, and Commander of the Alaska Norad region.

Dennis Montgomery was removed from his home in August of 2015 along with 47 hard drives. He is described by the America’s Voice anchor as “like the character Nash in “A Beautiful Mind.”

Hammer is described as being “initially developed after 9/11 as the singlemost important system to monitor the intelligence or counter-intelligence of radical Islam and Jihad; a foreign surveillance system that allowed the National Security and Intelligence apparatus to watch our enemies

Lieutenant General McInerney’s Biography:

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