Scientist Claims Covid Originated in a Lab

From Gulf Today

The Vaccine and Implications of Transhumanism

From Brighteon Conversations

Gates and Population Control

From Armstrong Economics

Gates: Vaccine Stocks Pre-Exist Covid

From ‘The Motley Fool”

Bill Gates: Not a Philanthropist

Arcticle by Joseph Mercola

Microchip in The Forehead or Wrist

Video from Samauritan @ Rumble

Gates’ Luciferase: Implantable Enzyme

From Coercion Code

Bill Gates Patent: #060606

From Oriental Review

Hydroxychloroquine: a Viable Treatment for Covid

From The Washington Times

Lockdowns Create Dependency on Government

From the American Institute of Economic Research

Economic Consequences of Global Lockdowns

From CTRNOnline /Catherine Fitz @ Rumble

Sum of All Fears

From Claire Edwards @ Brand New Tube

Global Elitists / Illuminati / Luciferians

From Chuck Swindoll @ YouTube

Biblical Verses: Revelations: Mark of the Beast

Bible: Revelations: Mark of the Beast

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