Geert Wilders of the Netherlands Speaks Against the Violent Ideology of Islam

English transLation:

… so it’s not just a few rotten apples who make other Muslims look bad. I say to the PM, stop pushing this nonsense fairytale. This is the large majority of 700,000 Muslims [out of 900,000] who reject our free society. And you Mr. PM, have imported a monster called Islam to our country; which has put our country in danger. Therefore I propose for the 100,000th time to the cabinet, Madam Speaker. 1) Recognize that Islam is a violent ideology, one that comes with hate and terror, and thus has no place in the Netherlands. 2) Close our borders immediately to asylum seekers and immigrants from Islamic countries. Reject the Shengen [open border treaty] and reintroduce border checks. 3) Start dismantling institutions of Islam such as mosques, and begin with those mosques that recieve foreign funding, and where for example Diyanet the Turkish ministry of religious affairs make the rules instead of us. 4) Lock up everybody who threatens with violence or urges violence, or deport them. And get those hundreds of members and thousands of sympathizers of the jihadist movement of the Netherlands, and lock them up preemptively if necessary. 5) Speaker, ask all schools, newspapers, media, to show a Mohammad cartoon. Not to provoke, but to show that we never give in to threats and violence and that we proudly support our freedoms. Speaker, to wrap up, I have a message for all the Muslims in the Netherlands who do not respect our freedom, our democracy, and our core values, who find the rules of the Quran more important than our secular laws. There are many of those. Research by Prof. Koopmans shows there are 700,000. And my message to them is this: get out! Leave for an Islamic country. Then you can enjoy Islamic rules. Those are their rules, not ours. This is our country. Not your country, but our country. This is the Netherlands. 

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