From Brannon Howse @ World View Weekend.Com

Watch Part One of “Brainwashed America”

From Brannon Howse of “Absolute Proof.”

Wondering what happened to the country we love? The children we used to recognize as our own? Wondering where common decency, courtesy, integrity, scruples, amicable neighborly relations, and honesty went? Wondering where dedication to service, strong work ethic, integrity, and principled human interactions went? Wondering how and when our politicians came to be no more than parasitic nebulists, necromancers, crooks, racketeers, or worse – who believe and behave as though we exist to serve them?

Wondering what their real intentions are?

The theft a country – the overturning of an economy – the gobbling up of land, the alienation of faith for family – the indoctrination of youth, the destruction of small business and self sufficiency, the mocking and censorship of free speech, the rolling violence /destruction of property by armed leftist street mobs, the attack on American principles, values, and traditions, the illegitimate installation of public officials, the control of the media to shape and enforce a specific narrative – instigation of massive propaganda campaigns, the debacle of the morally bankrupt celebrity class carousing as behemoths before us – along with their worship mania idolizers, the canceling of job, livelihood, or connection for simple differences in choice and perspective, the brutal, unrelenting, criticism and persecution of loyalist populists, the consecutive division of races by color and subsequent installation of black supremacy catamites and bully hubs, the villification of vets, police officers, gun owners, patriots, and self sufficiency experts, the open and virulent disrespect of individualism and personal body space, the smack branding of normalacy as abnormal and abnormality as preferable. The obvious open intention to disparage, demean, or humiliate as though engaged in heroic service to a nobly pristine, virtuous, and far far superior ideology.

The gradual implementation of a communist totalitarian regime?

well here is a cool drink
🥃in a hot Desert🥃

Not your imagination.

SuppoSing We Have Been the Victims of a Massive Psy-OP Campaign – courtesy of both internal and external Actors: painstakingly organized and thouroughly played for favor

Twelve Historically Documented Tactics Actively Used By The Communists To Capture The Minds of Americans & Collapse The United States From Within

use The link to watch part one of braNnon hOwses’
“Brainwashed america.”

And then feel free to become unbrainwashed.

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