Green New Deal tanks in the arctic cold as solid as a tongue stuck against a frozen axe blade.

Aware of the oncoming storm Joe Biden refuses aid of additional coal supply.

Wind generator turnstiles freeze solid and cease producing energy.

Solar panels are buried in snow.

Millions are without power or are experiencing rolling blackouts.

Water pressure fails or pipes freeze and many are left without access to clean drinking water.

Pipe freeze results in burst water pipes creating widespread property damage.

Subsequent of storm Joe Biden refuses to declare an emergency.

Though he sends sixty personal Generators to meet the needs of millions without power.

Many people take to sleeping in their running cars for heat.

Grocery and product delivery slow to a halt due to unnavigatable roads.

Gas stations run out of fuel.

Over seventy die of hypothermia including some children and many elderly.

Some suspect that intentional weather engineering such as nucleating snow or employment of scalar wave technology caused the cold snap.

Texas Wind Turbines Freeze Solid in the Arctic Cold

From Climate Dispatch

Why the Energy Infrastructure failed in Texas

From Thought Leaders @YouTube

Prayers for the people of texas

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