A Word to the Masses:

Stop Being shocked, stop being stunned, stop second guessing yourselves.

Instead ask yourselves where do you start.

Don’t ask them to remove their intrusions into your business and affairs; pull them out forcefully – proverbially.

A wall is, a wall, is a wall, is a limitation.

Don’t flop around over imposter governments shoving you here and there – justifiably begin, to refuse to cooperate and, building suitable replacements where you sit.

Don’t whine about illegitimate presences twisting your military into a castrated servant of totalitarianism; fall out and create forces in your own state, county, city, or town.

Talk to your children in the military and remind them who they serve. If it must be: encourage them to fall out and serve in state.

Don’t bewail the potential use of lethal military weaponry against you; reclaim and relocate those tools .. you funded their creation — they belong to you.

Don’t scream about illegal immigration: go down and help Texas finish the wall and police the border, or help fund it out of your own pocket.

Pick off 5G transformers, mentally, as target practice.

Don’t holler about shortages, remove their contol over such proceedure by limiting it and adventing your own.

Don’t screech about supply line disruption .. create a unique, ingenious, network that serves even better.

Don’t fear weather manipulation, create a spirit forcefield using the power of mind and sheer will; turn that energy capture their way. Imagine George Soros’s home covered in 40 feet of snow. Imagine tornados pressing down on the residence locations of each luciferian kingpin.

Harness the power they are trying to use against you, in the form of energy and atoms, and bend it back upon them. It’s justifiable – bend it to the exact degree they intended to use it against you.

Mentally and spiritually, rip government authority, as though a carpet, right out from under the imposter regime’s feet, then toss that filthy rug on a bonfire.

Tear their cogs loose, pull out and relocate their gears, and gadgets, trip joints, and momentum contraptions. Put them in a pile and melt them down into tools that work for you.

Everywhere there is a movement against you — you have tools to counter that lying right within you ready to go.

Do you really want to be remembered as the people who were defeated over a lack of toilet paper?

Put your thinking caps on

This is the essence of their success so far .. they have cornered your momentum energy and are leveraging it against you.

Stop being stunned and simply take it back. In reality it never left you.

They in truth, have no such type momentum energy — this is why they take it from you.

Face the reality of their intentions to the hilt; then believe without question that you will prevail. Intend it and complete it.

Be prepared to mop up the mess and create social order that will benefit and sustain human beings fully. Commit to protecting and guarding the most precious resource: your children.

And when you have prevailed in this, should you have the courage to try, do not again agree to compromises and disparaging mergers; set the resolution thus:

the only term of surrender:

they hurriedly pack up and leave this world, down to the very last one, down to the very last DNA strand associating them with us, never to return.

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