Let’s clarify a few details about the first wave of legal immigrants:

Almost all were European ‘peasants’ escaping thousand year fuedal overlord oppression.

Not slaves in word, but slaves indeed, and sometimes slaves in word, as in: indentured.

Saved for years to get here.

Crossed over the pond in steamer steerage hold. Yes they called it steerage because it was considered only good enough for cattle.

A cramped, smelly consortium with no running water or toilets. Many got sick and died.

When they got to Ellis they were vetted like cattle: The sick, infirm, or disabled – went home. The light in the head or mentally slow – went home. Woman traveling without a husband – went home. Families were split up right on the spot. Fares were forfeit.

When they entered the city with the shirt on their backs and a tattered suitcase with a teapot and a pair of old shoes, they took the crappiest residences in town: rickety, fire trap tenements: no insulation, electricity, running water, toilet, or bathtub. Lucky to have a wood burning stove.

They’re were people of all languages, nations, customs, creeds, traditions, and religious faith.

They studied and toiled and passed the citizenship exam: which required enough English to understand the given text; a sound, fundamental knowledge of the workings of America’s constitutional government, and a loyalty oath to protect and defend America as a nation above all others.

They forfieted their homeland languages and adopted English: otherwise we’d have government notifications, as such silliness, necessarily printed in the over 7,500 languages that exist on earth.

They all lived worked, played, loved, laughed, and toiled together.

When they went to work they went to work at the lowest paying most dangerous jobs available. No safety standards, unemployment insurance, workman’s comp, retirement, disability, food stamps, relief, or burial fund.

They worked 16 hour days, sometimes alongside their children. If they got injured – tough luck. If they got killed – tough luck: sometimes whole families were turned out into the streets in the dead of winter for lack of a wage earning head of household who’d been killed on the job.

When they died they propped the body up on the kitchen table, said a prayer over it, washed it by hand, and buried it the best they could.

Yet they were still thrilled to be here – here at least, there was a CHANCE to improve their lives.

They worked and died and worked and died and worked and died, alongside all others with small beginnings, and stumped for change: brought about all the aforementioned through struggle and sacrifice, including labor unions.

They built the bridges, roads, dams, waterways, power infrastucture, schools, libraries, churches, municiple buildings, and courts.

If they didn’t put a hand and sweat to it – they paid for it in taxes – so they still put a hand and sweat to it. Sometimes both.

They punched out the east .. then settled the west. Fought and died in wars to keep the land and the people free one right after the other.

Along the way maybe they finally earned enough for a small home and a car in the garage. They sometimes inherited from parents who’d worked harder than they did.

Where there are solid foundations, this is how they were built. Look around: this is true for everybody no matter the skin color.

In America, throughout he entire journey, the rules stayed the same for everyone. Come legally, work honestly, live freely.

The early immigrants knew a thing or two about oppression and hardship because they came out of oppression and hardship. They knew a thing or two about elitist tryanny because they came out of elitist tryanny. They champion equality among all men because they came out of inequality among men.

This is what the left calls white privilege.

A group of child laborers in the U.S.A before labors laws were instituted.

so Why do leftists press the concept of ‘White Priviledge?”

Because leftists are Marxists, and ‘Critical Race Theory’ is a Marxist subset.

Marxism as a strategy of the global elites – or Cabal, to promote communism, and communism is totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is a brutal, subjugative, police state.

The elites plan to rule absolutely.

Initial steps always include dehumanizing and segregating portions of the population most likely to resist. Christians, patriots, and populists are all enemies of totalitarian rule.

Does it become clearer now I wonder?

This is the future of Globalist rule:

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